Services – Tax

In an increasingly sophisticated environment, whether you’re a family business or a complex multinational group, you need to be able to satisfy the tax authorities and other stakeholders that your tax affairs are in order. This requires the time and resources to understand and respond to complex tax legislation. Maged Sherif & Co. client service oriented approach, which is based on frequent and timely communication provides a team decision making approach rather than a one sided reactive approach. Maged Sherif & Co. tax and consulting practice encompasses a diverse group of individuals working as a team to develop practical and effective tax plans and strategies that help its clients make the most of all available tax reliefs and maximize their savings. We offer a full service tax practice and provide a wide range of tax consulting services including:

– Income tax

– Salary tax

– Value–added tax

– Withholding tax

– Stamp duty tax

– Royalty tax

– Dividends tax

– Real estate tax

Maged Sherif & Co. also provide tax compliance services that include representing its clients before the Egyptian Tax Authorities and in Internal and Appeal Committee meetings, preparing and reviewing their tax returns for salary, corporate and value-added tax, and carrying out all means of appeal and defense on behalf of their clients. Representing the client in front of all tax authorities, providing support, technical advice and deep insights during all stages of tax inspections and taking all the necessary measures to transfer tax files to internal committees or to appeal committees and if necessary to the competent court. The diverse experience and knowledge of our tax professionals allows us to work with our clients to provide a comprehensive and practical tax plan and strategy.